“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the World” – Nelson Mandela.

Model United Nation, an simulation of the United Nation where students play the role of delegates from different countries and attempt to solve real world issues with the policies and perspectives of their assigned country showcased their talent in substantial researching, public speaking, debating, writing skills as well as critical thinking, team work and leadership qualities, Model United Nation (MUN), which was conducted in premises of Woodland Overseas School on Tuesday, 22nd May’18 and Wednesday, 23rd May’18.

The magnificent ceremony all began on Tuesday, 1st May when a mock MUN session was conducted along with the general assembly briefing about the conference to be held, its purpose and intentions.

The names of the committees to be simulated were :

UNHRC          –           United Nations Human Rights Council.

UNSC             –           United Nations Security Council

UNGA             –           United Nations General Assembly

X                     –           Committee X

Later extensive workshops were organized which spread over two days ie. on 15th May’18 and 16th May’18, with the prestigious Executive Board members detailing about the proceedings and commitments of their respective committee to the registered delegates. The workshop included training sessions, PPT’s, placards, charts and lectures to train students for the upcoming MUN Finally on the evocative day of Tuesday, 22nd May’2018 the Opening Ceremony of WOSMUN’18 was held. The Secretary General of organizing committee of WOSMUN’18 declared officially that Model United Nation conference “OPEN”. The day reached the pinnacle of its glory with resplendent cultural programme of exuberant dance and enthralling music performances.

All the delegates were exceptionally motivated and excellently unleashed the art of oratory and leadership quality. On Wednesday, 23rd May’2018, the closing ceremony of WOSMUN’18 was organized.

The Guest of honour presided over the valedictory session and award ceremony as the delegates delivered speeches detailing their countries position on the topic and offering possible solutions.

The student delegates were honoured with laurels and credentials which included Best Delegate, Special Mention, High Accommodation award from each committee.

The awardees were as follows :-


Best Delegate: Kushmeen Saini

High Accommodation: Manjot Saini

Special Mention: Arshia Randhawa


Best Delegate: Harmandeep Kaur

High Accommodation: Adhinav Jain

Special Mention: Jai Vardhan


Best Delegate:Taranvir Singh

High Accommodation: Raghav Dogra

Special Mention: Gorika

Committee X :

Best Delegate: Pragati Dogra

High Accommodation: Gurnawaz Singh

Special Mention: Ritika Sharma

To add to the grandeur of the event, our proficient Woodlanders dazzled the stage with their sprightly dance and music performances bringing the conference to an end.

The ceremony was embellished with the motivational words of the Chief Guest, wherein she emphasized that we envision to make our children understand that the most alluring progress knowledge, learning and experience lie nested within us and they need to be polished and nurtured. The members of entire organizing committee which comprised of hard working efficient and ambitious Woodlanders, the Organizing Committee Head Simran Mahi, Secretary General Sejal Sharma, Taranvir Singh, Deputy Secretary General Pranshu Jain, Isha Sood, International Press Head Ekraj Gill, Rupali Vohra and Creative Head Chitrangda Saini were applauded for shouldering the responsibilities of conceptualization and designing of the event impeccably and solely without the interventions of the faculty members.

May this burning sense of passion and freshly instilled fire of change be the most potent fuel for the Woodlanders to scale new heights!!!!


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