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We live in a severely crowded world. There are so many individuals vying for success, there is cutthroat competition in whatever field you observe, and individuals are getting lost in the rush. This is certainly not a favourable sign for the development of our society and our country. While it’s true that our world today is increasingly globalised, but losing out on individuality is a negative side of globalisation that we can’t ignore.

At Woodland, we are amongst the top 5 schools in Hoshiarpur. One of the primary reasons for our success as an educational institute is our focus on preserving the individuality of our students, and addressing to their needs and requirements at individual level.

At Woodland International School, we get to admit students coming from diverse backgrounds, who are very different from each other, and have different capabilities and aspirations. We do not eliminate these inherent individual characteristics of the students by generalising our teaching methodologies, systems and processes for everyone. Instead, we embrace the differences in characteristics that the students have, and turn them into their biggest strengths. At WOS, we have devised a framework where every individual student enjoys the freedom of following his or her own path to learning, at a pace that is comfortable to the student.

Our teachers, who also act as mentors to the students, try to address the individual needs of the students to the farthest extent possible. We organise counselling sessions for the students who have specific needs, and help them become at par with anybody else.

Woodland is a top Hoshiarpur School, and we are glad that we have been able to do justice to the needs and aspirations of each single one of our students. In the race to success, we don’t want any of our students to be left behind, and we continue to work relentlessly in that direction.

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