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A language is essentially a tool for communication, but its significance lies far beyond that. Language acts as a reflection of one’s thoughts and personality, it gives insight into a person’s mind and is also a symbol of culture and character. At Woodland Overseas School, we are one of the top hoshiarpur school, and we recognize the importance of remarkable language skills for the students. Therefore, we have set up a dedicated language Club at the school, where students are equipped with incredible linguistics in a well-structured and seamless manner.

Here are some insights from the Language Club at WOS:

Improving Speaking Skills

One of the key motivations of the Language Club is to help each Woodlander emerge as a proficient and captivating speaker. To that effect, the club organizes a lot of activities including public speaking workshops, speaker sessions, competitions and contests for students of each grade. Through the club, students not only get to know how to improve their speaking abilities, but it also provides them with multiple platforms to test their skills and put to work what they have learned.

Working on Written Expression

The language club also helps the students improve their writing abilities, as it is another important part of language and communication. Students are taught about the grammar, sentence formation, vocabulary, and expression when writing reports and articles. While it helps the students learn the nuances of the language, it also empowers them by allowing them to put out their thoughts in a more articulated way.

Understanding Communication

Through the activities of the language club, Woodlanders begin to understand communication and start appreciating the importance of language in effective communication. They not only become good communicators, but also amazing thinkers as now their mind is in sync with what they actually spell out. This Understanding of communication at school level is what helps the students immensely at later stages in their life, and our attention to such holistic, forward-looking development of students put us amongst the top 5 schools in Hoshiarpur.

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