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Maths and Science education form the core of the modern education system. No matter what subjects and want the career as student opts for, at a later stage in life, basic knowledge of maths and science concepts is essential. Maths and Science not only find use in day to day life but also help the students look at things around them in a more informed way. Therefore, it is important for the students to grasp the elementary level concepts in these subjects in the most efficient ways, and retain them for life.

As the Best Hoshiarpur School, at Woodland Overseas School we believe that the best learning happens when students get to learn the concepts in an experiential, hands-on way. Therefore, to enhance to the learning experience of our students with subjects like maths and science which are generally perceived to be difficult, we have established Maths/Science Club on campus.

The Maths/Science club is based upon the idea of attracting and involving students in the subjects, and making them fall in love with it. Here is how we realize this at Maths/ Science Club at WOS:

Making Maths Fun

Through the activities of the club, our students get to experience maths like they would not have done ever before. Teaching concepts like algebra, geometry, and logic with the use of different audio and visual aids, along with hands-on models and props help the teachers enshrine the concepts deep into the minds of the students.

Teaching Science Practically

While giving due importance to the theoretical concepts, it is no doubt that science is a fairly practical subject. Through the club, students get to observe the scientific phenomenon they read about in books in real time, deepening their interest in the subject, and making them pursue it with a greater devotion.

Woodland Overseas School, being the best CBSE school in Hoshiarpur, believes in giving due importance to practical teaching, and strikes the balance between theory and practice for the students. That’s a major reason why we have been constantly ranked amongst the top 5 schools in Hoshiarpur.

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