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Many times, the learning experience which changes the lives of children happens outside a classroom. A classroom teacher will teach you about the time of Hitler, destructive world wars, the map of India, formulas of math’s and some chemical reaction, but at Woodland Overseas School – Best Hoshiarpur school, we believe that the real world outside the classroom also demands rich life experiences, values, manners, good behavior, and being practical which can only be attained by learning things beyond classroom teaching.

Experiences being a lifetime teacher will bring failures, success, stress, joy, happiness, frustration and what not. These experiences will teach the way of leading an educated and productive life. Learning opportunities are far better when we have the chance to do something for the first time and this experience being the first time is a lifelong lesson.

Learning from elders fills a child with values, trust, faith, and morals. They learn from their experiences, from their mistakes, from their wisdom, from their teachings, and from their stories. Grandparents being the first teacher of a child make the foundation of a child’s future.

Learning on the playground teaches the best life lessons. The spirit of sportsmanship, leadership, teamwork, coordination, acceptance, the importance of physical fitness is learned by a child during his playtime. Playtime is important for the overall development of a child, which equips him with all life skills.

Friends are the people you are always surrounded by and they teach you at every stage of your life. We live in a society where we have to adjust with people. Friendship teaches you qualities such as trust, and diplomacy, which is crucial to living a happy life.

To be independent is important. Everyone has to make choices when no one is around helping them, and this is taught by little experiences of life at the Best School in Hoshiarpur. Take benefit of what life hurls at you and use your learning to make best out of it.

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