Dear Parents,

‘Eat to please thyself but dress to please others for the apparel off proclaims the man’. To enhance the knowledge of traditional costumes, attires of the people in the different countries and to build up the confidence of the child ‘Fancy Dress’ competition is scheduled for the month of August on Wednesday, 8th August 2018 for Grade-4 Woodlanders.


Child needs to choose the costume of any one of the given countries allotted to the respective sections:

G-4 Amaltas : Japan, South Israel
G-4 Cassia : India, U.S., Canada
G-4 Gulmohar : Mexico, Japan
G-4 Kachnar : Canada, U.S.
G-4 Kaner : South Israel, Mexico

  • Childs needs to dress up from home only.
  • Confirmation regarding the selected country should be sent in the ‘My Almanac’ till Monday, 23 rd July 2018.


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