“Creativity flourishes in an atmosphere of inner security and confidence ”

Dear Parents,

Kindly be informed that the competition for the month of August for Grade-2 is “Mask Making” (Face Mask). It will be conducted on Tuesday, 7 th August 2018.


To enhance the creative skill of the child and to give new path to their innovative minds.

‘Topics for the competition’:

1. Halloween
2. Cartoon Character
3. Independence Day
4. Mythological Character (e.g Lord Krishna, Shiva etc.)
5. Modern Gadgets
6. Mother Earth

Pre requisites of the competition:

  • The child needs to bring craft material, coloured pen , pencils, sketch pen or crayon, scissors, fevicol, to decorate the mask on the topic chosen.
  • The child must attach strings (to tie) or stick (to hold) on the mask.
  • The base for the mask can be of any colour, size or material.


  • Readymade cutout, printouts or big stickers are not allowed.
  • Mask making competition comprises of only face mask making.

Time Limit : 1 hour


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