“Creativity flourishes in an atmosphere of inner security and confidence ”

Dear Parents,

Kindly be informed that the competition for the month of August for Grade-3 is “Poster Making.” It will be conducted on Thursday, 9th August 2018.


To enhance the creative skill of the child and to give new path to their innovative minds.

‘Topics for the competition’:

1. Independence Day
2. Save Water
3. Stop Pollution
4. Festivals of India
5. Marine Life

Pre requisites of the competition:

  • The child needs to bring ¼ (one – fourth) blank white chart.
  • The child can use any type of colour e.g. crayon, water colour, sketch pen, poster colour etc. for making the poster on the choosen topic.

Note :

Poster making competition comprises of drawing and colouring of the chosen topic.

Time Limit : 1 hour


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