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Can you imagine a person learning swimming or driving within four walls? It’s impossible! You have to go on a road to learn driving and get into the water for learning swimming. Similarly, some of the subjects are skill based  and requires practical concepts, and can only be learned through activities.

There was a time when a notebook and a pen was enough to study in a classroom, but in today’s scenario, students need much more to prepare themselves to face the outer world! The existing system of education is more inclined towards theoretical knowledge which is not enough, experiencing things, getting practical knowledge is equally important. At Woodland Overseas, Top School in Hoshiarpur, we understand the importance of practical learning and indulge students in activities which help them to learn things practically.

Practical learning is irrespective of the fact that a child is understanding the subject or not. It is a two-way interaction where students are required to participate. Where theory leads to basic knowledge, practical learning is the real learning which gives knowledge through the application of the concept, but one should always remember that practical work is the application of the theory. Theory creates a strong base and one has to maintain a balance between both of them for the best result.

A student who gains practical knowledge gets a hands-on experience of the subject, and learn in a faster manner.  If a child learns things through experience, he will develop a practical approach towards every situation.

Every economy or culture has a different approach towards education, and because of globalization and the ever increasing competition, students must be open to changes and new opportunities and this will only be possible when they will be exposed to practical education along with theoretical knowledge.

At Woodland Overseas, Best CBSE School in Hoshiarpur, we believe that learning through doing is the key to success. Therefore, we always try to maintain a balance by conducting various activities throughout their tenure. We have media center, computer lab, perceptual motor room, specially designed and fitted music, art classrooms, rooms for large group activities, modern science labs, a dance studio, small group practice rooms as well as specialized art, home living, graphic arts in our campus which help in student’s overall development and impart them with practical knowledge.

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