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Monsoon showers bring happiness along with infection and diseases. As monsoon reduces our immunity, our body is at high risk to catch an infection or disease easily. The high humidity of the season results in low digestive capability. Children in their growing stage are at high risk of catching diseases like cold and flu, a stomach infection, and viral.

Children are carefree and mostly like to play outside. At Woodland Overseas school, Best CBSE School in Hoshiarpur, we care for the health of our students. Therefore,  we advise parents to give them a diet full of antioxidants. Here are some immunity-boosting food items that will help your child to be healthy.

Food Rich in Vitamin E and C

These vitamins reduce the chance of falling ill and help create antibodies to fight against infections. Seasonal vegetables and food should be consumed as they have phytonutrients which help to fight against diseases. Fruits like peaches, cherries, guava are rich in Vitamin C.

Fish and Meat

These are rich in protein which helps in building tissues. Also, they boost white blood cells that fight against infection. Meat is also rich in vitamin B and iron. Consuming it once in a week in any form, maybe in salad, sandwiches or soups will help your child build immunity.


From the Vedic period, it has always been a source of antioxidants. You can add a pinch of turmeric powder to their milk, which will enhance the properties of the milk.

Dry Fruits

Crunchy dry fruits and nuts like almonds are the good sources of Vitamins. They are high in protein and also a good source of fat, which will help to maintain the energy of your child.


They are the source of Vitamin D and antioxidants. You can include mushrooms in their diet by making them sandwiches containing mushrooms, including them in rolls, or can make a mushroom soup for them.

At Woodland Overseas school, Best Hoshiarpur school, we want our  students to have fun during monsoon and also include these in their diet which will keep them healthy and protected and won’t hamper their learning.

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