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About 15 to 16 years of our life is spent in school. From a four-year-old child to an eighteen-year-old adult our school journey is one of a kind, that flies by leaving us to wonder where all those years just vanished. However, at the same time, it leaves us with a treasure of memories, experiences, and knowledge.

Each day of school teaches us something new and these little learnings, develop us as a person and is the base of our step towards our professional life. At Woodland Overseas, Best school in academic in Hoshiarpur, we ensure to provide our students with teachings which will help them throughout their life. Let us discuss how school learning will help students in their career.

Learning How To Present Yourself

At the school level, a child learns to present himself in the way of his properly kept uniform, his conduct, and his participation in studies as well as extracurricular activities. Similarly, when he grows up, he continues to present himself at his job place and social gatherings by his behaviour while giving a presentation or simply by communicating with his peers.


Through different activities and games, students learn to work as a team. It teaches students skills associated with working as a collective unit towards a goal which is an important aspect of working in a profession.

Improving Communication skills

Formal Communication is an important part of our life. Many times we are put in a situation where we have to talk to certain people that will judge our influencing skills which are solely dependent on how we communicate. School is the first platform which is given to us to practice and develop our speaking skills.

Planning and Implementing

Although it is difficult to believe, planning and implementing begin at an early age, as young as an age of 7. Planning for a student starts when he gets his homework, he plans his study and playing time. Later on, when he grows up, he plans for his career and consciously takes professional decisions to achieve his dream job.

Thus, at Woodland Overseas School, Top Hoshiarpur School, we teach the lessons of self-control, kindness, duty and many other good qualities that help students in the long run.

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