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Every student at an average spends a majority of his/her time in the school, and it becomes normal when parents research like scientists, in order to provide the best for their child, in terms of education through which they learn values, morals, ethics, and relationships. It is in school where the foundation for their future is laid. Friendship is one of the most valuable relationship that each and every one of us cherishes throughout our lives. We at Woodland Overseas School – Top Hoshiarpur School,  aim to provide the best education and help to make the students of today, leaders tomorrow and friends forever.

With Friendship’s day just around the corner, one of the most common concerns we, as parents have, is that we tend to get worried and anxious whenever our children tell us about problems or fights they recently had with their friends.  To a certain extent, it’s right to be concerned if your child has trouble making friends, as friendships are fundamentally important for your child’s emotional well-being and self-confidence. However, always remember that kids have little glitches with their friends every once in a while, and as a parent what you can do the best in situations like these is not making a big issue out of it. When kids see their parents being anxious or troubled by something caused due to them, they might feel that they are disappointing you which would make him/her more uneasy.

Instead, try to mask your concerns, convey a confidence that things will improve and help your child to overcome any issue that he/she might be facing. Being a good role model is very important as children are watching you and others around them so a lot of behavior that they exhibit and how they interact with their peers. You can always act as a valuable role model by, for starters, showing interest in new people when you meet them,  by being polite and understanding them. Your child will showcase all the behavior which is evident to him/her.

Being the Best School in Hoshiarpur, we aim to provide an environment for all our students, so that they have all the abilities which help them to contribute to the society and also build relationships to treasure!

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