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Since childhood kids understand that if they want something they got to speak up, if they are hungry they got to speak up, if they are sleepy they got to speak up in order for adults to respond to their efforts to tell. We wish to improve the sense of communication so that they can ask for all those things in an orderly fashion. To mold what needs to be said in order to get what they want. It is the heart of every school.

At Woodland Overseas School, we feel only those students are successful who are able to communicate with others with confidence. To practice the same we teach our students to communicate with  confidence and to do that you need to have good physical cues. As the Best Hoshiarpur School, we want that our students possess good communication skills so that they are able to present themselves on bigger platforms. To foster the same, we train our students as to when they are speaking in front of an audience, they need to have good hand gestures and a nice posture in order to gain attention from the audience otherwise they won’t take them seriously. All these things play a big role in communication.

We also tell our students to keep their speech as brief yet specific. In order to be a great communicator the utmost important thing is to listen, listen well and listen more than you talk and then only you can provide a thoughtful answer forward to the right audience.

It is a matter of fact that the results of the school makes it among the Best CBSE School in Hoshiarpur, but it is also important to understand that students cannot carry their marks everytime with them and there we feel that the ability and desire to connect with others by exchanging feelings and ideas is what constitutes communication effectively. A simple example is  Steve Jobs who  banned all PowerPoint presentations to convey his message more effectively.

We tell our Woodlanders to learn how to master the art of timing. Leave an impact on everyone by the way you present yourself. It is enough for anyone to judge you and respect you for what you are.

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