These days adolescents gather information about Sexuality from friends and through the print and electronic media. Often the information is wrong and unscientific. They have curiosity and concern about the sexuality of their own and of the opposite sex. Unfortunately they often have neither access to accurate information on the issues related to sexuality and sexual health, nor solutions for their problems, due to socio-cultural barriers. As a result, there is a rising rate of morbidity associated with sexual ignorance, poor decision making and inadequate sexuality education.

Keeping this in view, a Seminar for boys of G 9 to G 12 was held on Saturday,4th August 2018 with the aim to prepare the adolescents of today to be productive, to have responsible and positive social-sexual behavior, and to be caring and healthy adults of tomorrow. The Guest Speaker was Dr. Atul Gupta who is Parenting Expert & Life Skill Coach, National Emotional Intelligence Coach and also a renowned Child  & Parent Counselor. He discussed widely about Bodily changes, hormonal changes, attraction to opposite sex, sexually transmitted diseases among other relevant issues.

As per feedback received from participants, they found the session very informative and beneficial and thanked school for conducting the session.

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