Woodland Overseas School organized an Interactive Session on Global Mega trends with Ambassador Dr. (Prof.) Deepak Vohra, Special Advisor to the Prime Minister, Lesotho and Guinea-Bissau and to the Autonomous Hill Development Councils in the remote Ladakh region on Thursday, 9th August’18.

Dr. Deepak Vohra having represented India at several conferences shared his vast international experience and expert insight on trends prevalent globally. In his PowerPoint presentation to students, he emphasized that the future of education is set to become even more personalized, mobile and hands-on. The world of learning and education is moving with the times and also “India, China and Russia were emerging as political, economic, social, technological and military powers in the Asia-Pacific region. He also mentioned some concrete astounding facts i.e. Asia has crossed ageing North America and Europe combined in terms of global power based upon GDP, population size, military spending and technological investment. In his concluding message, he stressed that the youth are the present & future of a nation.

After the session, while presenting Vote of Thanks, Dean Dr. Simerjeet Kaur expressed her gratitude towards Dr. Deepak Vohra for gracing the occasion with his benign presence and sharing words of wisdom and enriching experiences. She also mentioned that the session has prompted us to visualize the changing trends from a fresh perspective. The information was an eye opener and shall continue to resound as we tread forward in our journey of life.

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