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“A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.’’

That one teacher that made the difference, that friend every student seeks. The next person with whom a child connects and is in the presence of for more time after parents is, a teacher. Another name for a Guru is a teacher. Being the Best school in academic in Hoshiarpur, we understand that during the crucial years of laying a foundation for the child, a teacher contributes equally well along with parents. A strong foundation is a base of a strong building to stand tall in the coming time, which might or might not be tough.

A positive teacher-student relationship nurtures a child to grow in the most desirable and extensive way. As guidance prevails in every step, the child feels a sense of confidence and freedom to take risks and explore as much as possible by going out of his/her comfort zone. There are certain instances when a student is unable to share certain feelings, either with friends or family members.  A teacher steps in here, and a certain sense of bonding happens. Such bond plays a huge role in the future. This bond helps the student find a friend in the teacher. There are certain positives that sprout with time. The student develops a good interest in that specific subject and he/she becomes more participative and attentive. This opens up leadership, self-confidence, creativity and certain qualities in students. When learning becomes fun it is a smooth ride there onwards.

School is not a mere four-walled institution to help children just study and go home. It is another home where growth happens in academics, social, psychological and many other levels. At the Best Hoshiarpur school,we recognize, the positive teacher-student relationship is a seed, which sprouts beautifully with time. As it is said well “You reap what you sow”.

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