The beautiful state, Kerala has faced an unprecedented brunt of flood which has brought the state to a standstill. Houses of lakhs of people has been waterlogged and destroyed; leaving them displaced and forced to take refuge in relief camps. Hundreds have been marooned in their own houses, without food, water, electricity and other basic supplies.

Keeping in view, the devastating situation Kerala is battling with, the entire Woodland family generously donated truck load of items of daily uses i.e. Utensils, clothes, toiletries, eatables like namkeen /biscuits as their share of help.

It was heartwarming and overwhelming to see the thoughtful gesture of the people to help the state in rebuilding their lives. All kinds of items of daily use was donated liberally by the parents which was counted and packed meticulously by Student Council member’s. The list of items was handed over to Additional Deputy Commissioner Mr. Harbir Singh , PCS on Friday, 7th September’ 2018.

We make a Living by what we Get and we make a Life by what we Give!!!!

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