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A School Library is a place which, if called the temple for reading, will be absolutely correct. A library is a place where there is knowledge spurring from every nook and corner. Being one of the best CBSE School in Hoshiarpur, we always encourage our students to excel in every field, and we promote reading as an essential part of the learning as reading gives you an insight into various fields and topics. The motive of having a school library is to give all the students an opportunity wherein they develop new skills, learn new things and facts and eventually are able to groom themselves and develop on a personal level.

The School Library at the one of the Top School in Hoshiarpur consists of a plethora of books to choose from, ranging from topics such like History, Political Science, Science, Religion, Psychology, Quiz, GK and also consists of various other books for reference. A library just does not offer books to read, but also allows all the students to gather information through the various available references, which also comes very useful while making notes to study various subjects. These notes not only help during the exam time, and in general as well. The library also consists of various magazines, newspapers, and journals as well.

At Woodland Overseas School, we work towards broadening the horizon of all our students and in order to have better command and knowledge of a subject. And a library acts as a perfect place for all the students to absorb the gigantic amount of knowledge. A library gives an apt environment to all the students to study without any disturbance and concentrate completely on the subject! Library as a place opens up a place of wisdom and knowledge for all the students to grasp upon and help them to become leaders of tomorrow.

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