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Being the Top Hoshiarpur School, we believe every child is a gift of God, the most prayed blessing of God and that gift comes with a great deal of responsibility. The upbringing of the child is the hardest task. The ability to impart knowledge and skills is not an easy job. Therefore, the role of a teacher holds a lot of value. Apart from that exploring art, moulding a child’s character is quite critical.

However, the choices that a child makes is directly affected by the environment offered by the parents and an educational institution.

Thus, the teachers must give their students the freedom to decide or to make individual choices in order to provide them with a better understanding of the right and wrong.

Every school must lay emphasis on observing behavioral patterns of a child in order to rectify them on a daily basis. When a kid is born every single parent dreams of providing them with a secure future and a strong character. Crowned as the Best school in academic in Punjab, we understand that a school plays a very crucial role in forming the basis of learning in every aspect.

Therefore, the teachers must allow every child to make decisions about what is right and wrong. This understanding Of making the right decisions has a huge impact on our lives because slowly and gradually as we grow we realize how our choices affect our future. Every generation demands its own set of rules. It’s absolutely necessary to adapt according to the changing times. The revised curriculum, diet, physical as well as mental strength, everything alters with time. As a result, some changes are relevant and must be considered strongly. However, we haven’t been able to ignore the importance of discipline and without following a certain code, there would be nothing but chaos all around.

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