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Raising children is probably one of the toughest responsibilities that keep growing and increasing with every phase of a child’s life.

Social etiquettes are something that a child picks up at a very young age.Being Top Hoshiarpur School, Woodland Overseas School believes that it’s extremely important to teach a child these etiquettes and manners while they are still young and at the stage when they are developing habits.

Let us now move on to understand the basic social etiquettes that should necessarily be taught to children.

Polite and humane words

This is the very first thing a child needs to know and practice. Saying please when making a request, thank you whenever someone helps, and sorry when they are at fault, is something they need to start practicing as early as possible.

Table Etiquettes

Once your child starts eating on their own, it should be the time to teach them about the table etiquettes. These include the proper way of holding and using a spoon/fork, chewing with a closed mouth, not to speak while eating, keeping elbows off the table, and not to leave any items on the plate.

Control over Voice

No one likes to be around someone who is loud and bashful! Teach your kids the importance of being soft and speaking at an audible but controlled volume. Children need to know that being loud is not the way to get things done.

Let Other Speak

A child needs to know that when others are speaking one should listen without interrupting. This is a very important and basic etiquette that will go a long way and reflect on the child’s personality all through his/her life.

Being Respectful

Being respectful to others is a necessary social etiquette that is always noticed and appreciated. What is important here is to make children understand that every person, irrespective of the age or social status, deserves respect.

Pointing Fingers

Pointing fingers, physically and metaphorically, is never seen in a positive way. Your child needs to know that pointing a finger at someone is very rude and must be avoided at all times, no matter what.

As the best school in Hoshiarpur, we don’t just help polish a child’s personality, but also make them grow into responsible adults. We ensure that children not only learn these etiquettes but also understand their value and significance.

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