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One of the important factors affecting students learning is classroom environment. Students can learn better when they view that learning environment is positive and enthusiastic. Such an environment learning goals, opportunities to build social skills and strategies will help them to succeed.

Helping students to develop self-compassion at an early age can help them to be more successful and dedicated in schools. Teachers here play a very important role. The culture and climate that a teacher creates in the classroom are significant in a student’s life as it interprets student’s ability to learn and grow.

We at Woodland Overseas School, The Best School in Hoshiarpur, always aim at create a positive mindsetin the classroom as it helps to;

Address the Need of Students:

Other than physical need students also have psychological needs. Need for security and order, love and belonging, freedom and novelty is what they crave for. When teachers address these needs of a student, they are happier and their engagement and learning in class increases.

The Sense of Order:

Teachers here provide clear behavioral and academic expectations right from the start. Students know what is expected from them all the time. We here teach students effective procedures to perform in the class.

Greet Your Students Every Day:

When we start our day at school we make sure to start it giving warm greetings to welcome each other in the morning. It shows that you care about them as individuals.

Know Your Students:

A positive classroom is a one where all students are welcome, all students are given importance and all are known. The teachers make efforts to see their students more than just as students. They interact with students about the things students care about, about student’s hobbies and talk about their life.

Woodland Overseas School – The Best CBSE School in Hoshiarpur, have teachers who not only consider their occupation merely as just a profession they consider it as a passion. We here adopt a positive mindset that changes the dynamics of the classroom which gives students an opportunity to see greatness in them and become more resilient in their life.