The Stories we love best live in us forever

Dear Parents,
Speech is power, Speech is persuade, convert, to compel. It is rightly said that oratory skill is not inherited, it is acquired and nurtured. With the desire to provide an exuberant Woodlander, a platform to articulate views eloquently, effortlessly, confidently, Oratory Competition will be conducted for G-2 on Tuesday, 15 th January 2019. In it the child needs to speak any story in English which should be interesting and based on some good moral value.

Semi Final: Thursday, 10th January 2019

Final: Tuesday, 15th January 2019


  • Parents need to send the consent in the child’s My Almanac positively by Friday, 21st December 2018.
    After this date no confirmations will be accepted.
  • If participants will be 5 or less than 5 then in that case no semi final will be conducted.
  • The child needs not to carry any prop for telling the story and needs to come in uniform only.
  • The story should not be from the syllabus.
  • Time Limit: 2-3 minutes.