Poetry is a spontaneous overflow of emotions recollected in tranquility

Dear Parents,
A complete Woodlander is a blend of confidence with skills. To put skills of recitation to test ‘Poetry Safari’ competition is planned for G-4.

  • Child can prepare either self composed or any poem based on the compassion towards animals.
  • Semi Finals will be held on Friday, 11 th January 2019.
  • Finals will be held on Wednesday, 16 th January 2019.

Duration: 1 to 2 minutes
Purpose: To enhance compassion for animals.
Judgment: Judgment will be on the basis of confidence, Voice Modulation and Expression.

1. Confirmation should be sent in the ‘My Almanac’ till Friday, 21 st December 2018.
2. If participants will be 6 or less than 6 then in that no semifinals will be conducted.
3. Child should recite the poem with proper intonation and expression.