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A good leader is a one, who brings out the best from others by exhibiting specific behavior, the point of views, and skills. These attributes can be used to guide the ones following you, propel them get the most of their potential, and reach greater heights. However, these skills are best developed before you set out to face the world and school is one such lace that helps you to attain such skills. Woodland Overseas School being the Best School in Hoshiarpur, believes teaching leadership skills and providing them with opportunities will help them with social and personal skills that are necessary to live with.

So here are some ways through which we can provide opportunities and help them develop these skills.

Let them take the charge:

Make students a part of leadership opportunities in the classroom. Such exercises should be a part of classroom activities every day. From discussing a lesson to handing papers all should be a part of a classroom activity. These benefit students and make it easy for students to work with fellow classmates.

Healthy Conversations:

Have a healthy conversation with the students about the behavior that you expect from them or how to maintain and organize their classroom. Make them understand the way leadership works in their mind and through their actions. Explain to them how you would like to share leadership because good leaders do and moreover shared leadership demands responsibility!

Discussion of Leadership:

Discuss in the classroom about leadership and why it is important as a life skill. You can make it more interesting by narrating some short stories on these skills as a warm-up.

Let them Improvise the School Culture:

Encourage students to be a leader and make improvements in the culture of the school. The most common issues that can be dealt with are stopping bullying, raising environmental awareness, solving problems of the students or promoting the understanding of students from other cultures. Make sure to tell students to make a report on the leadership role they took on.

Indulge them in Extracurricular Activities:

Extracurricular activities always allow students to explore, lead and can be used to ignite for that purpose. Teachers can start various clubs like science, social studies, environment or groups related to a personal interest or one’s culture and students can join any club which suits their interest. Such clubs encourage them to develop leadership by working with others in groups.

Woodland Overseas School listed among Top School in Hoshiarpur, finds it important for students to experience leadership skills as it helps them to learn the art of building relationships, completing a task properly, influencing and motivating people so that they work together to attain a defined goal.