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Experiential learning is where students learn by doing and simultaneously reflecting on their own experiences. They learn more when students are practically doing things. This way students connect easily to what is being taught and are more likely to engage with challenging subjects. We at the Woodland Overseas School, listed among top 5 schools in Hoshiarpur, give students balanced learning so that they have time to learn things practically as well.

Here are some benefits of experiential learning:

Real World Experience

Experiential learning makes data and concepts real by applying them to hands-on tasks. As the student interacts with the information, it becomes real to them. An experiential classroom is like a real society. Students learn real-life leadership skills, know how to apply critical thinking and adapt to changing circumstances. This makes learning a fun experience.

Reflection of Own Self

Reflection of own self is an integral part of the experiential learning process. By combining concrete experiences with abstract concepts, and then brooding on the outcome, students are able to engage themselves in most parts of their brain. Students analyze how their actions affected the outcome, and how their outcome could have varied. The analysis helps them to understand the concept better and how the concepts should be applied. They understand their mistakes better and try to reflect on it.

Freedom of Creativity

Experiential learning helps students to use their creative portion of mind and seek their own unique and fulfilling solution for every task. The variety of results produced enriches the classroom environment. They find learning meaningful and increase student’s engagement.

Preparation for Real Life Challenges

Experiential learning activities are communal in nature, where students are allowed to work in groups. Working together with their peers allows students to work together effectively. They are able to develop a plan of action and utilize each other’s positive qualities.

We at Woodland Overseas School, being the Best School in Hoshiarpur, believe in providing students an environment which stimulates mental as well as physical growth which makes them more optimistic towards dealing with scenarios in life.