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Global Education helps students engage with the world. An approach to break the traditional way of teaching is the motive behind Global Education and thus, increases the understanding of cultural, political, and economic dimensions that shape our lives as an individual. It comprises of dance, music, sports etc. Global Education focuses on the interdependence of people belonging from different backgrounds and encourages students to embrace the diversity that surrounds them.

At Woodland Overseas School, the best CBSE school in Hoshiarpur, we encourage the idea of Global Education in order to provide our students a platform that helps them accept others perspectives and turn out to be successful global citizens. It is infused in the curriculum itself through various sports and cultural activities.


Yoga is a collaboration of mental, spiritual, and physical activities. Originated in Ancient India, Yoga is now practiced in almost every country of the world. We encourage our students to adopt this technique through which they can control their mind and body.


Judo, categorized as Modern Martial Arts, is a sport that includes taking down the opponent by throwing or pinning him down until he gives in. Judo originated in Japan and in the year 1964, it became an Olympic Sport for men. The women’s event was introduced much later in the year 1988. It is an acclaimed sport that helps attain control and is also practiced for self-defense. At Woodland Overseas School, the best school in academic in Hoshiarpur, we acknowledge the importance of self-control and thus encourage our students to participate in such activities.


From classical to contemporary, each dance form has its own significance. We provide a platform where students get familiar to each dance form and steer them towards a successful future.


It is indeed correct that without music, life would be a mistake. A language that is understood by all, music helps connect people coming from different spheres of life. It is important for children to learn music if it interests them and thus we always, support our students who have the ability to grow in a specific direction.

Our school has a rich culture, with students belonging from different states and traditional values. It is important to make the children aware of their surroundings in order to help them accept each other’s individuality.