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The change children go through welcomes fear as well. Sometimes they might feel confused thinking about what they want to do and how they will accomplish it. As teachers and parents, we want what’s best for our students and children. We need to ensure them that these feelings are normal and help them bring clarity. Deemed as one of the top schools in Punjab, at Woodland Overseas School teachers help students face their fear with confidence.

Here are a few problems that students face:

Fear of Failure

When students encounter a minor setback, they think that they might fail. They start to dislike the subject. As their mentor, we must assure them that it is okay to fail. Without failure, they can never taste the fruit of success.

Public Speaking

Some children feel shy or scared while speaking in front of others. They never get out of their shell. Teachers need to polish their skills by motivating them to participate.

Time Management

Improper time management gives students less time for their personal growth. You must help them in making a timetable that includes play time as well so that they engage with other children after completing their work.

Peer Pressure

Often students get influenced by their peers. They are under pressure to compete with them. Educate them about the negative side of peer pressure and help them grow as an individual.

Cultural Barriers

In school, children come from different cultural backgrounds. It can get a little difficult for them to adjust in a classroom. Show the importance of embracing each other’s belief to bring harmony and break the cultural barrier.


A classroom is an amalgamation of different thought processes. A conflict can arise due to the clash of various opinions. Tell the students that it is always good to put forth their thought but not at the cost of hurting others sentiments.

As the best CBSE school in Hoshiarpur, we at Woodland Overseas School, make sure children get to reach their full potential without having to worry about these issues.