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Goals are the lifeline of all progression. Described as setting targets for oneself, they are essential to track progress that one makes in life. Simply saying ‘I Want’ doesn’t work either, it needs to be more sustainable than that.

Woodland Overseas School, counted among top 5 schools in Hoshiarpur, have come up with following steps that will ensure that you set and achieve them with flying results.

Golden Rules for Setting Goals:

Set SMART Goals
Your goals need to be powerful and effective enough to create a measurable change in your life. They need to be designed to be SMART.

All goals need to have a specific outcome. Your words can’t be vague as you will be left directionless.

All goals require to be able to have a checklist to track movement towards their completion.

One needs to make sure that the goals are just not castles in the air but rather achievements that can be manifested.

Every goal you set should to some degree be relevant to where you want your life and career to head.

Time Bound
Every Goal should essentially have a deadline. A deadline is essential for creating a sense of urgency and makes to take tangible steps towards the goal.

Write Them Down
A known fact is that the physical act of writing down a goal makes them all the more real. The tangibility of the goal gives you the motivation to work towards your goal.

Achieving these Goals

Setting a goal is a product of your intangible thoughts, it is achieving them that requires hard work and dedication. There are number of unseen as well as visible forces which contribute to the fulfillment of these goals.

Listed below will be some tricks one can use while trying to achieve the goals one has set for themselves:

Alignment of the Environment

What you surround yourself with plays a big part in the decisions that we end up taking towards our set goals. Your environment is not only what you stay in but rather the company you select and the habits that you cultivate.

Measure your Goals

All goals should be quantitative and one should have checkpoints while reaching these goals. Monitoring your progress is essential as it gives you the motivation to carry on and reach the finish line.

No matter what one says everyone has their own path in life and a different approach to ensure that goals are being achieved. We at Woodland Overseas school, being the best CBSE school in Hoshiarpur, ensure that every student is able to set goals that work best for them.