Dear Parents,

We in Woodland believe that the child in his initial stages should be equipped with the skills that can add to their confidence and hence, improve overall personality. To equip our G-5 Woodlanders with the speaking skills, the 1st competition of this session for G-5 is “Extempore”.

Child can select any one topic:

    • Is it correct to seize the usage of polythene?
    • Can Internet replace the books?
    • Conserve water to deserve it life long.
    • Woman empowerment – Stop the violence against women.
    • Behaviour is a mirror in which everyone displays his image.

– Semi Final will be held on Tuesday, 23rd April 2019.
– Finals will be held on Friday, 10th May 2019 .

Duration : 1 – 1 ½ Minutes

Purpose : To develop public speaking skills and enhance expression.

Note :
1. Confirmation should be sent in the My Almanac till Thursday, 18th April 2019
2. If participants will be 6 or less than 6 then in that case no semifinals will be conducted.