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Everyone who intends to learn and grow deserves to get feedback in order to identify his/her shortcomings and get even better and grow. There are times when a student feels uplifted when the needed feedback is received from their peer instead of teachers. Woodland Overseas School, best school in Hoshiarpur always aims at delivering the best for our students’ growth. Thus, we have simplified the process of peer feedback and its effectiveness for you.

–  Make the Feedback Process Anonymous

Knowing how your peers feel about is not always a very effective technique of improvement especially when the feedback is critical. So, having anonymity in the feedback provided by you helps in improving the effectivity of the feedback among the young learners.

–  Moderate and Review Feedback from Students

After having received feedback, it should be essentially important that the student is able to comprehend the same i.e. the provided feedback must be easily understandable as for the better interpretation and understanding of the same.

–  Ask Students to React to the Feedback they Receive

After receiving and comprehending to the feedback received hence, it must be ensured that the students provide their reaction and review of the feedback received, for it provides clarity and manages to bridge the gap if any. Once you know how the students take the feedback received, you can work on the ways and tactics to make it more effective.

Instead of just saying “great work”, one must try to provide the students with detailed feedback thus to ensure holistic and enriching growth. Coming from the teachers or even the peers, the feedback must be concise and up-to-the-point. We at Woodland Overseas School, among the top school in Hoshiarpur, have our aim to deliver only what’s best for the young learners.