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Learning at school has provided students with a plethora of activities to help the modern-day leaners come at pace with the challenges. Gone are the days when the process of learning and imparting lessons was a conventional process compressed into rigorous modules.

To make learning a fun and 360-degree experience for the students, we at Woodland Overseas School, one of the top school in Hoshiarpur has laid down the importance of holiday homework in making learning an enriching experience:

– Homework Encourages Your Child to Use Time Wisely

Over the holidays, there is quite a possibility of the child wasting his / her time playing away. To balance the situation and ensure that the time spent is not wasted, we come up with the idea of holiday homework. This is a great way of instilling time management in young minds.

– It Teaches Your Child to Work Independently

During the holidays, the students are away from school and its setup. Thus, during that time the students get to learn and do their work independently without the support of their immediate teachers and classmates. An idea of personal creativity and independence is instilled in the minds of the students when it comes to working alone on holiday homework.

– Learning Over The Holidays Can Be a Family Affair

Holiday homework doesn’t mean to sit in a closed room and detach yourself off of the much-needed family time a child deserves. Also, holiday homework is extensive and needs assistance and guidance of some adult, sometimes. Thus, holidays homework is a great way to engage the family with the student’s homework and assignments.

It has been seen through observations and research that learners, especially at school are burdened with expectations and academic pressure. It stands undeniably true that the vacations must be utilized to its utmost capacity wherein the students along with their parents are able to break the monotony of these vacations and feel free to explore and grow. This is what we aim at Woodland Overseas School, best school in academic in Punjab.