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The mere mention of a uniform brings to mind a stiff collar, neatly ironed shirts, pleated skirts, crisp trousers and not a hair out of place. It may not be too exciting for school children to look forward to wearing uniforms everyday as some might argue it curbs their freedom of expression. But uniform is a necessity that serves practical purposes.

Here is why Woodland Overseas School, among the best CBSE school in Hoshiarpur, considers school uniforms important:

Uniformity In Appearance Leads To Equality

If children are allowed to dress as per their whims then affluent children will come togged up in fashionable clothes but the children from poor socio-economic backgrounds cannot afford such expensive clothes which might make them feel inferior. However, uniforms bring everyone on the same level and create equality irrespective of their caste, religion or economic status, at least in terms of their appearance.

Mark Of Identity

While creating a sense of sameness among children in the school, uniforms also set them apart from students from other schools and educational institutions. Thus students feel a sense of belongingness, unity and pride in their school. Moreover, a student can be easily identified from his uniform in case he gets into trouble outside of school and people can easily contact the school.

Instills Discipline And Strictness

When students are required to dress up according to a fixed dress code it teaches them the importance of discipline. A proper uniform makes them look smart and active. This comes in handy when these students will go for job interviews in the corporate world where dressing up formally can hugely influence how you are perceived by others.

More Focus Towards Education

Imagine a scenario where students can wear whatever they want in schools. This would obviously turn the school into a fashion runway of sorts steering children away from their studies. Uniforms ensure that education remains the primary focus for students without the distractions of what they’re going to wear next day. In this way uniforms actually promote learning.

Uniforms are not the horror children make them out to be. They help students inculcate discipline and give them an identity. As one of the top 10 schools in Punjab, we believe uniforms lend character and dignity to the school and should be embraced proudly.