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Social media has become hard to let go of in today’s times. Amidst this social media chaos parents are left wondering where to draw the line and how much exposure to social networking sites they should allow their children. But is social media all that bad or is there more to it than just empty showoff? Woodland Overseas School best Hoshiarpur school investigates.

1. The Positive Aspect of Social Media

Although social media websites attract much criticism for promoting negativity it would be unfair to overlook the following benefits

Awareness and Knowledge: Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook receive latest news updates apprising students of the socio-political and environmental landscape of the world around them making them more aware and educated.

Children Can Voice Their Opinions: Informed children become socially more sensitive which motivates them to take action like mobilizing support and funds for important causes and tweeting out to support relevant initiatives.

Online Support Groups: Children that struggle to make friends offline often find great support groups and communities online where they can chat and be themselves.

2. The Not-So-Good Side of Social Media

It is the less-than-flattering facet of social media that has parents worried about their children and it can be scary sometimes.

Cyberbullying: Young children and teenagers are more likely to fall prey to vicious trolling and online bullying by their peers on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Danger of Criminals: Since it is awfully easy to conceal one’s real identity on social media, pedophiles and other criminals lurk freely in the dark corners of the web making unsuspecting children their targets.

A Bad Knock to Self-Esteem: Social media is known to dent children’s self-worth and can cause long-standing self-esteem issues not just because of online bullying but also because children compare their life with the fake glossy world of social media.

Lose Connections with Family and Friends: Children get so absorbed in the world of Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc all that getting likes and followers becomes the centre of their attention and building healthy friendships based on trust takes a backseat.

It wouldn’t be wise to toss out social media out of children’s lives just like that as it is essential for them to learn to interact socially online and become tech-savvy in this digital age. But to ensure healthy use of social media it is imperative that parents should limit the time their children spend online and exercise strict control over the kind of content they are consuming while also taking out time to talk with children about their life. We one of the top schools in Punjab ask to strike a balance.