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To some children, mathematics is synonymous to fear. Their fear of the subject elevates during the examination. If appropriate measures are not taken on time, their fear of maths can turn into a phobia and take a toll on their overall success in exams. The Woodland Overseas School, counted among the best CBSE schools in Hoshiarpur has come up with 4 tips to help your child overcome the fear of maths.

Accept the Fear

Accepting fear is the foremost step in dealing with it. Talk to your child about its fear of the subject. Acknowledge the fact that your child is not as comfortable with maths as he is with other subjects. Once you have accepted it yourself, you can help your kid accept it easily.

Practise is the Key

The quote, “Practice makes a man perfect” stand true in the case of maths. Develop in your child the habit of practicing maths at least one hour every day. Tell them to start with easy examples and then move forward with more complex questions. Once they start practicing their attitude towards maths start to shift and they tend to get more comfortable with the subject.

Make Maths Simple and Fun

The complicated maths problems make children anxious about it. Teach them to break the complex problems into simpler ones before they begin solving it. Maths games, puzzles, and mobile apps can help make the subject fun. Once they start enjoying the subject, their fear of maths automatically is dealt with.

Encourage Peer Learning

Children tend to find things more fun and simple when they do it with their peers. Arrange a few maths lessons with their peers and let them solve some questions together. You will observe that they will come up with effective solutions to the questions through teamwork.

The Woodland Overseas School, best school in academic in Punjab suggests that you not only need to alter the way your child thinks about maths but also need to change your attitude towards the subject. Once you appreciate and think positive about the subject, your child will automatically try to change their attitude as well.