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Children are bubbling balls of contagious young energy. It is natural for them to frolic around and indulge in mischief. However, it is also important for parents to discipline them. And herein starts every parent’s classic dilemma. There were times when scolding children to make them toe the line was common. While it is important to correct bad behavior care should be taken to be assertive, not tyrannical.

The parenting style can significantly impact a child’s personality and future. Here’s why we at Woodland Overseas School, best CBSE School in Hoshiarpur, think that it is not wise to take recourse to scold.

Children Are Highly Sensitive

While we might think that children are oblivious to the environment around them it is not so. They are pretty observant, impressionable and sensitive to how they are treated. Harsh scolding can impair their emotional and psychological health and make them excessively under-confident, reserved with damaged self-esteem.


The ultimate aim of parents is to discipline their child so that they are on their best behavior. Their intentions are grounded in reason and affection but scolding could backfire. The child may react aggressively out of rebellion. Some children end up doing that very same thing that ticks their parents off and tests their patience.


When children are talked to harshly they feel their worth diminishing. Uneasy relationship with parents has shown to result in anger issues in children as it brings out their aggression. This aggression often manifests itself physically which is something every parent wants to avoid.

Sets Bad Example

When parents adopt a rigid and bitter attitude towards disobedient children to express their dissatisfaction, essentially what they are doing is that they are telling their children that it is okay to lose their temper and be rude. Being deeply percipient beings, some children may go on to act similarly with others and even their kids in the future.

Adverse Psychological Impact

Children that are severely scolded undergo great pain. This hurt might even make them feel lonely due to which they retreat into their cold shell. This makes them more vulnerable to depression and anxiety.

It is not easy dealing with defiant kids. However, love trumps anger. At Woodland Overseas School, Top Hoshiarpur School, we believe in a softer approach to reprove children tenderly so as not to fracture their delicate psychological makeup. Kindness and compassion tell children that parents understand their situation and reassure them that everything will be alright.