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“OMG not again—too much home work—when am I supposed to study and understand. There is no time to play. TOO MUCH HW TOO MUCH STRESS”
It is the most common grievance of every child who goes back home everyday from school. Undoubtedly homework robs the children of their useful self study time but if same homework is planned and scheduled meticulously, it can be a great tool to reinforce the concepts. We at Woodland, Top CBSE School in Hoshiarpur, work diligently towards planning of homework so that the neither it is a burden on child nor it becomes a stress agent for the parents, that’s why we are the best school. Some positive aspects of a planned homework are
1. It encourages the habit of independently reading and doing in the students. A thoughtful and moderate homework will help the child to reinforce the concepts done in the class.
2. It is also a tool to learn effective time management . It teaches the students to prioritize the given tasks and take a note of topics which require more deeper study.
3. Homework can raise self esteem to next level as the children identify and fix the issues before they get out of hands.
4. Learning to work independently makes the students life long learners. When the children move to college they don’t feel the need to lean on peers for conceptual clarity.
5. It can be transformed to a fun activity with the involvement of parents and peers to delve into the depths of the given topics and explore more about the nuances.
We, at Woodlands, best CBSE school in Hoshiarpur, scrutinize our lessons and then plan homework which is meaningful, purposeful and designed to meet the needs of the students. The teachers use it as tool to evaluate what students have understood and where they find difficulty in understanding, so that the doubts can be cleared the next day. The assignments are planned so that they are beneficial to their learning and help the students to address the struggling areas.
We strongly believe that “Practice Makes a Man Perfect” and that’s why at Woodlands , the top CBSE school in Hoshiarpur, we believe the vitality of home work for our students’ success. Students need to learn in school itself how to manage stress in their own effective way and without homework they would never to be able to learn coping up with stressful situations. Hence, homework is a necessary part of education and should be taken as a means to accumulate valuable life experience.