“The Best Investment You Can Ever Make Is On our Physical and  Mental Health”.

Keeping in view, the myriad of advantages that healthy lifestyle brings, Woodland Overseas School under the guidelines of CBSE, with the sole purpose of diverting the attention of children from Passive Screen Time to Active Field Time celebrated Fit India Cum Health and Wellness Week from Monday 14th December to Saturday 18th December 2020. Deciphering the fact that fitness is not the destination, it is  a way of life, multitude of activities were conducted ONLINE for the entire school in which everyone inclusive of Woodlanders , Parents and Faculty Members spritely participated.

It was indeed a pleasure to receive an applaud able response from the parents sending their videos of the entire family exercising together and also bequeathed two hours GADGETFREE thus creating beautiful lifetime memories with each other. The children enjoyed Fruit / Nut and Water break during the online sessions and also exuberantly participated in Symposium, Declamation and Poem Recitation Competitions reflecting their views on how to stay healthy and why should we stay healthy. The FACULTY also joined in for the YOGA SESSIONS in the campus to distress themselves and edified the children about nutritional value of fruits / vegetables / spices and food labels through various videos.

Our affable Principal Ms. Puja Dhiman, extended a heartfelt thanks to all the parents for their enthusiastic participation in all the activities thus making the week a huge success.

Delighted by the overwhelming response for the activities, our virtuous Dean Dr. Simerjeet Kaur, cited that managing our nutrition and exercising on daily basis would reap rich dividends in the long run. The children at a young age should be made aware of the importance of health and wellness so that they make thoughtful choices of their food for a healthy and fulfilling life.

Let Us Grab The Chance Today To Change Ourselves For The Better.