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Analyzing the anatomy of our planet is as engrossing as it is notable. Beyond just countries and borders, it is an amalgamation of weather, climate change, water bodies, and mountains too! It is about multiple discoveries by scientists with the hundred-year-old rudimentary tools. This analysis of the Earth is to bring the world closer to god’s creation and encourage the budding generations to participate in welfare for the world.

Since climate crisis and weather characteristics come under geography, every single student needs to learn about our planet so that they would do everything in their capacity to contribute less to its destruction and perhaps even facilitate reverse it. At Woodland Overseas School, CBSE school in Hoshiarpur, we have a list of hilarious geography facts for students that you can share with them to stimulate their interest in the subject.

Hilarious geographical facts for students that are overwhelming:

Though 70% of our planet is covered with water, only 5% of its oceans have been explored.

Oceans have 771 trillion worth of gold in their water. However, due to lesser concentration, recovering gold from the oceans would cost more than the gold itself.

Most people think that a desert is something deluged in the sand, such as Sahara and Thar. However, the fact is that a desert is defined by the amount of rainfall it receives, and Antarctica gets rainfall lesser than any landmass in the world.

Twelve percent of the entire population of the world lives in the mountains. Out of which one-fifth percent of the Earth is covered by the mountains.

Continents blend or divide over millions of years is a comprehended fact. But how many of you are knowledgeable that they run at the same rate as your fingernails grow?

There are numerous life forms on the land including, chickens, cows, ants, etc. Yet, marine animals hold a higher outcome of life-related to land.

Trees providing humans with oxygen to breathe is a commonly known fact. But the truth is that 70% of the oxygen in the atmosphere is composed of the oceans–algae.

Antarctica, which has the highest elevation of all the seven continents, contains 90% of the world ice, holding 70% of fresh water in them.

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