Woodland Overseas School


At Woodland we aim to create a happy, secure and caring learning environment in which all children are valued equally, encouraged to talk confidently and relate to each other and their environment in a caring way. Our curriculum has a child-centered approach wherein they learn through first- hand practical experience. We encourage them to plan, negotiate and develop a critical appreciation for their work. We offer them with necessary support that will help them achieve their full potential. We value parental involvement in their child’s education as this will ensure a child’s success in the long run. We are a team of professionals who work hard to foster quality educational system for our children. The school is characterized by love, laughter and learning enjoyed by all. We welcome you and your child to share this enriching experience.



At Woodlands Overseas School, the management believes that all students have the right to quality education. Our primary concern is the well being and overall development of every student. Each student will be supported in his/her academic, intellectual, moral and physical development in an environment which will promote respect, trust and positive encouragement. Woodland is characterized by love, laughter and learning, enjoyed by all.

  • To impart child-centric opportunities that enable Woodlanders to actualize their potential.
  • To instil the values of honesty, gratitude, humility, tolerance and respect.
  • To provide distinguished opportunities for sports and co-curricular participation.


Woodland Overseas School is committed to empowering every student to achieve academic excellence and sincerely working on their holistic development. The school strives for effective mentorship so that the students learn and grow in a conducive learning environment.

  • To nurture and instil values and skill-sets aligned with Global Dimensions.
  • To provide state-of-the-art infrastructure for international scholastic and co-scholastic excellence.


The flames in the insignia are the symbol of passion to learn more .Our motto ‘Carpe Diem’ is a Latin word which means ‘Seize the Day’. Every little opportunity that comes in your way should be promptly grabbed with both hands. Every child is groomed to be mentally ready to face all the situations in life.

The three colors of the Woodlands Overseas School in the strip signifies everlasting learnings through essential values which will result in development of leadership qualities.


Blue is the color of the sky and sea and has often symbolized divinity. For us, Blue represents the vast frontiers of knowledge and the life long process of learning to achieve your goals.


Turquoise stands for clarity, open mindedness and freedom. For us, Turquoise represents the essential values that need to be inculcated to develop a progressive future for every student.


Yellow symbolizes confidence and superior capabilities. For us, Yellow represents the development of the intellect of every student to a level such that he or she can develop leadership qualities in their respective area of strength.



The Master Policy of WOS is to provide a happy, safe and an effective school for the families in and around Hoshiarpur.

The WOS offers an Amalgamated International Education correlating  to the national curriculum. The WOS provides Education on the pattern of International Baccalaureate Programme to all students by implementing Primary Years Programme (PYP), Middle Years Programme (MYP), at appropriate levels. The global curriculum infused with C.B.S.E. curriculum will meet the needs of multicultural students by promoting the development of basic skills, positive attitudes, critical thinking and inquiry based learning. The school will be placing an emphasis on high academic standards measured against the personal potential of each student.

Young children will be involved in meaningful, enjoyable and challenging activities in which they will be successful and therefore develop positive attitudes towards themselves and their ability to learn.

This premises is the foundation of Woodland  Overseas School. We aim to provide a safe, secure and  happy environment in which children will develop physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially.

Administrators, teachers and parents will co-operatively provide a supportive environment in which each student will be encouraged to reach his/her highest academic potential and to become a life-long learner and a responsible world citizen who will be prepared for the challenges of the future.

The parents play a crucial role in the education of their children and we at WOS encourage them to join us as partners in the comprehensive learning process. The parents are welcomed by The Management, The Principal and The Teachers at any time.




WOS provides “an Indian education with an international perspective”, and pursues this focus through its Mission, Core Values, Imperative Few, and Desired Student Learning Outcomes.


The mission of the Woodlands Overseas School is to provide each student the highest quality Indian educational experience that inspires a passion for learning and intellectual vitality, values and that instills the competence, confidence and courage to contribute to the global community and to pursue her or his dreams.


  • Compassion
  • Honesty
  • Fairness
  • Responsibility
  • Respect
  • Environment

The Institute for Global Ethics has identified these values as recognized core values of cultures throughout the world. It is intended that these five core values serve as the basis for Woodlands Overseas School’s approaches to Character Education, and that these core values are embedded within all relationships of students, staff, and parents in the WOS school community.


The “Imperative Few” are the Four strategic directions in which Woodlands Overseas School commits its school-wide efforts and resources in establishing excellence as a world-class leader in education:

  • Environment
  • Academic Rigor
  • Professional Excellence
  • Extraordinary Care Of Each Child