The mission of the Woodlands Overseas School is to provide each student the highest quality Indian educational experience mixed with International exposures that inspires a passion for learning and intellectual vitality; and that instills values, the competence, confidence and courage to contribute to the global community and to pursue her or his dreams.

An Indian Value Education with an international perspective

  • Environment
  • Academic rigor
  • Professional excellence
  • Extraordinary care for the welfare of each child

A Culture of Giving…

The WOS community is well known for its active volunteers.Inside and outside the classroom, from primary school through high school, the spirit of giving is strong. Students raise funds and donate items through various programs. Through all these activities, and more, our students learn to experience the joy of giving.

Supporting our School…

Woodlands Overseas School also boasts an active community of involved parents, dedicated faculty, and corporate partners. The school requires parents at the school who take on the serious responsibility for the present and future well being of the school on a volunteer basis and give freely of their time and effort to raise funds for the school. Their presence on campus provides a sense of community and friendship as well as support to the students and faculty. Corporate sponsors provide goods and services that support fund raising events as well as important social occasions. Required are significant contributions, both in cash donations and in sharing their talents and experiences with our students. This wonderful support provides for the immediate needs of the school and has been the cornerstone in the creation of many extraordinary programs and opportunities for our school.

Looking to the Future

In 2004, the Woodlands Overseas School began with 165. Today in 2010 when the school is till Grade 11 , it consists of more than 1,800 students in a multi-million Rupee facility on 15 acres in the Hoshiarpur district of Punjab. As the school has grown, so have the needs. With a history of fundraising for present needs, Woodlands has been able to offer programs and speakers for students that would not be possible through tuition fees alone. The goal of Overseas Benevolent Educational Society is to expand and enhance the opportunities and enrichment activities available for students and to secure the financial future of the Woodlands Overseas School.


The Annual Fund

Areas to be funded through the Annual Fund include:

Financial Aid for Students

Funds will be made available to support families who would like to enroll their children in the Woodlands Overseas School but are unable to pay the full tuition fee. A scholarship program, which sponsors a student to attend WOS during their high school years is also going to be established. Additionally, support will be awarded to students who have been selected for traveling teams and competitions or honors programs outside of Hoshiarpur but are unable to participate due to financial hardship.

Visual and Performing Arts

The school has made a strong commitment to the Visual and Performing Arts Program in kindergarten through grade 12. Additional funding will be used to underwrite the costs of bringing guest conductors, clinicians, and artists to work with students. Program enhancements for equipment and periodic technical support will also be funded.

Community Service

Financial support for community service projects provides an opportunity to establish challenge grants, which could be matched by the student’s own fundraising activities for their particular community service projects, or outright grants for worthy community service endeavors.

Athletics and Intramurals

The growth of the school has resulted in substantial pressure on the sports fields and gymnasiums along with equipment needs. Funding in this category is used to provide additional equipment and enhance the quality of our intramural programs.

Special Projects

Periodically there may be a need or interest in providing support, wholly or in part, for a special project such as a new classroom, upgrading a library, or endowing a chair for a faculty member. Education Foundation will provide financial support for the special project.

General Operations

Close to 80 percent of our operating budget is dedicated to staff salaries and benefits. It has allowed WOS to compete very favorably for the best faculty available. By allowing a portion of the Annual Fund to support general operations it is possible to continue to attract the best faculty to meet increased operating expenses without raising our fees beyond acceptable levels.

The Endowment Fund

The Endowment Fund is established to assist in securing the financial future of the Woodlands OverseasSchool. A percentage of every donation to the Annual Fund will go to the Endowment Fund unless otherwise specified by the donor. The principal amount in the Endowment Fund is intended to remain untouched and increase through donations made each year. The interest from the fund may be used to support initiatives of the Annual Fund. In the event that a severe economic downturn in the region affects enrollment at WOS, funds from the Endowment Fund are available to maintain the support of a high-quality education program.

How much should I give?

Gifts come in all sizes and all ways and every gift is important to the school. Our hope is that families will contribute according to their means, and that each will find a way to participate. We are grateful for all gifts.

How else can I give?

There are a variety of ways to make a contribution. Donors may give stocks, or bonds; name WOS in their estate or as a beneficiary on life insurance policies.

What about my company’s matching gift program? Does WOS help with that?

Yes. If you will supply us with the necessary form from your company, the Development Office will be happy to handle all the details of processing.

Will all of the money collected during the Annual Campaign be spent annually?

Most of the money collected will be spent annually and the balance will go to the Endowment Fund.

Can I designate the category in which I want my contribution to be placed?

Contributions will be directed to programs where the greatest need exists (unrestricted fund). However, donors can direct their contributions to a specific program or fund.

How Can I give to WOS?

You can donate to the Education Foundation by cheque, credit card, or wire transfer from anywhere around the World in any currency.

Payment Options: Payment by Cheque

Cheques should be made payable to:

The Overseas Benevolent Educational Society

Cheques should be mailed to:

Overseas Benevolent Educational Society
71 Model Town, Hoshiarpur
Punjab 146001,

Donors will be recognized at the following levels:

Donor Level Rupees
Diamond Circle 50,000 and above
Platinum Circle 25,000 — 49,999
Gold Circle 10,000 — 24,999
Silver Circle 1,000 – 9,999
Bronze Circle 1 — 999