” Why is chemistry full of so many solutions”

“Why are brave warriors adamant on killing us now with questions”

“Why are we supposed to read physics when it won’t be used ever again in life”

Common statements often discussed among the students especially during the days when the finals dates of examinations are announced and all of our students are under stress to perform their best.

World Health Organization has called Stress a World Epidemic. When demand on us exceeds our comfort zone, we start experiencing stress. The demands can be posed by anything in life like challenges, education, health, relationships and work etc. In the current scenario, it is equally experienced by kids and adults alike. Listening to the news of children committing suicides just because they couldn’t clear an entrance exam or couldn’t cope with stress is quite heart rendering. With the school garden blossoming to the fullest, the flowers of our garden are stressed and it is mounting to exceeding levels as the exams are approaching.

Despite a lot of preparation which goes in for the preparation at home and at school, still the children are gripped with stress which can lead to severe disorders. Here at Woodlands , The Best School in Hoshiarpur, we have tried to find certain reasons for it.

Let us review some of the most prominent reasons for this in students’ life. According to a survey the most prominent reason is unrealistic expectations of parents from the child. In order to keep up a image in society, the parents deliberately end up the child in losing his childhood under this phobia called stress. Peer pressure, judgment of performance by the relatives or neighbors who ever might not have scored well in exams and disappointing expectations of rank obsessed schools and teachers are also the factors which cannot be ignored.

Apart from these reasons there are also personal reasons like lack of routine, lack of planned practice and revisions, not paying attention in class, more reliance on tuition etc are also contributing factors to stress.

Primarily we as parents and students need to understand the concept of examination and take it positively to really ease down our burden.

Firstly , do not take examinations as memory tests, rather they are designed to test one’s ability and skill to apply information. They are supposed to judge learning potential, knowledge and skills set and not his disabilities and failures.

Secondly, do not take exams as burden which requires a plenty of writing work , rather view them as a tool to keep a track of our achievement and step towards our desired goal. Exams are time bound diligently prepared workouts and writing beyond limits doesn’t at all ensure good grades.

Thirdly and lastly, do not view evaluations for only marks. Exams are for evaluating and analyzing child’s progress academically and personally.

We at Woodlands, the Best CBSE School in Hoshiarpur strive to make the children understand the importance of exams.

As the examination schedules are out and everyone has pulled up their socks to compete, the next issue would discuss some workable strategies for both teachers and learners to deal with Examophobia.

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