Student Council is a representative body for the students. The members of the student council are provided with a platform to strengthen leadership skills/team spirit and develop a sense of responsibility by actively participating in the school affairs. It  is not a destination but a journey of discovery, explorations, introspection and interrogation.  A journey full of hope promises and endless possibilities.

Woodlands consists of five houses in student council.


Constant and determined effort breaks down all resistance, sweeps away all obstacles.

It will be governed by the following principles

  1. Promote unity while respecting individuality.
  2. Encourage students to observe school rules/regulations and understand the fact that discipline is prerequisite for a civilized life. It is indispensable for providing proper ambience to students in the school.
  3. To provide immediate guidance wherever required and handle crisis/emergency like situation with perfection.
  4. To inspire students to participate in activities of interest enthusiastically.
  5. Lead by example. By observing and implementing all the above mentioned principles diligently and sincerely, we wish to contribute constructively for the growth and progress of the Woodlanders.