The main aim, at WMK, is to provide a holistic curriculum to encourage each child to reach his/her fullest potential and prove his /her mettle. WMK is committed to making the educative years of the tiny tots into an interesting and enriching experience where the children gain and gather knowledge at ease, in the most relaxed way.

Children, at WMK, are taught to observe changes in the environment, to examine and sort objects. Story telling and role-playing, drawing and tracing, creating patterns and developing measurement skills – all contribute to the development of a strong foundation in literacy and numeric capabilities. The school’s Creativity development centre trains children to become independent and creative thinkers.

A happy and congenial atmosphere is created to enhance, cognitive, physical, emotional, social and moral development.

With a blend of Indian pre-school education; Woodlands provides a unique Montessori curriculum and cross cultural activities.

The first few years of a child’s life not only produce the most memorable experiences but researchers have found that the brain produces an immense number of synapses – or neural connections – in the first few years of a child’s life. Thus these years are the best years to lay a solid foundation for future learning. It can be said that everything a child needs to know as an adult he/she learns in a kindergarten. Thus Woodlands Montessori Kindergarten (WMK) is committed to bring out the fullest potential of each child. We want to make these formative years an exciting experience where children take charge of their learning while the teachers provide a gentle nudge.

At WMK, we aim at providing a holistic curriculum to encourage every child to reach his/her full potential in all areas of development. A happy and secure environment is created to enhance cognitive, physical, emotional, social and moral development. The teachers have successfully merged the Montessori method into our very own curriculum to give our children an edge in learning to read and write. The Montessori materials have proved to be invaluable in providing concrete materials to gain abstract knowledge of concepts. Children in our Kindergarten have shown an immense interest in learning when using these materials.

AT WMK, we adopted Marie Montessori’s philosophy which recognizes the uniqueness of each child. We provide an age appropriate environment filled with opportunities to explore. Our children would find an endless assortment of activities that engage their interest and stimulates their mind. There’s a unique curriculum for every age level, centered on developmentally appropriate fun activities that help children develop in all the five areas. They will learn to absorb information through sensory experience, expand language acquisition, develop and co-ordinate fine and large motor skills, be aware of spatial relationships, be independent, develop good image of themselves, appreciate and understand limits of their environment and develop a sense of responsibility. By providing children with various activities that match their developmental needs and abilities, learning becomes a natural occurrence as these lifelong practices will aid them to be prepared for the future.