The students of WOS should:

  • Be curious about and respect the worth of every member of humanity irrespective of geographical location or culture.
  • Actively pursue global and local commitments to increase the welfare of other people, particularly those in less fortunate circumstances.
  • Be rigorous intellectually and reject prejudice.
  • Strive to exploit fully their talents in the academic, moral, aesthetic, physical and social context to contribute better to society as a well rounded person.
Guiding Principles

The students of WOS work to achieve the following-

  • A sense of sharing the same values and a mission with all the members in the WOS family.
  • A social environment in the School campus that follow the WOS tradition of cultivating; a respect and consideration for other that should largely obviate the need for rules; a spirit of celebrating initiative and ensuring that failure is never feared; the commitment of the older students to act as role models and activity leaders for the younger ones.
  • A practice of serving other people, particularly those in less fortunate circumstances, on the School campus more broadly within Hoshiarpur, and in other states as well through the Global Concern programme. An appreciation of the local and global challenges which humankind is facing, particularly with effective efforts to influence attitudes relating to these challenges within their own communities.
  • A sensitive awareness and a respect for other cultures and ways of life through the academic programme and daily interaction with friends of nearly every race and religion. To encourage the process learning from each other, the teachers seek to use the cultural diversity in their classes as well as taking the students on residential expeditions.

Established in 2004, the Woodlands Overseas School (WOS) is an independent, non-profit, co-educational day school offering  CBSE based curriculum.

Our Aims
  • To provide a broad and balanced curriculum which will support the individual needs and allow students to maximise their full potential.
  • To offer a richly stimulating learning environment which will foster student’s natural curiosity and thirst for knowledge.
  • To enable the students to function confidently and effectively in a rapidly changing world.
  • To create a caring community in which the students will learn to value themselves, and others and the environment.
WOS Core Values
The Institute for Global Ethics has identified these values as recognized core values of cultures throughout the world. It is intended that these five core values serve as the basis for Woodlands Overseas School’s approaches to Character Education, and that these core values are embedded within all relationships of students, staff, and parents in the WOS school community.