Education Cannot Be Mechanized

Education Cannot Be Mechanized

Technology has full-grown quickly in recent times, and rather like each different industry, even the education sector has not remained untouched by its advancements.

The boom of online learning, wherever anyone will learn from the comfort of one’s residence at his or her own chosen time is that the main cause.

No matter however advanced or sensible a computer virus is, it will never equate to the knowledge and life expertise a tutor brings. Many varieties of analysis are conducted and it has been evidenced repeatedly that academics bring on an amendment that no technology will.  We, at Woodland Overseas School, CBSE school in Hoshiarpur, believe that a tutor provides steerage and mentors a student. They’re the role models for the scholars who set an example for them towards a brighter future. The trust and bond will never be achieved through virtual learning however will produce the proper learning setting between a tutor and student.

Technology in education is ever-changing the means students learn, however it can not be termed as a replacement for academics. It cannot inspire students, facilitate them through their struggles, facilitate them fight back, and arise. However, it will solely be a serving to issue to be told, however cannot replace the data and knowledge that associate with a tutor.

Technology within the education sector is doubtless a boon for several. On one hand, it will create learning simply for students however on the opposite hand; it eases the teaching method for academics. Return what might however advance the technology gets, the fact is that it will never fill the role of a tutor.

Hence, the role of a teacher is undeniably imperative. Being counted amongst the best CBSE school in Hoshiarpur, we aim at providing the best to the students.

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