Mother’s Day Celebration 2023

Mother’s Day Celebration 2023

Mothers Love   – A Brilliant Gem to Be Treasured

The day that recognizes the essence of a mother was celebrated in high spirits and merriment at Woodland. This being one of those occasions that none of us can afford to miss was zealously enjoyed by one and all. Heart-warming sentiments permeated the atmosphere, filled with intimacy, gratitude, appreciation, and acknowledgement when our Woodlanders created art-and-craft items, greeting cards, wrote letters of gratitude and recited poems to pay homage to their mothers. The teachers made a sincere effort to impress upon the students the crucial role that mothers play in their lives, using effective thematic presentations and creating beautiful greeting cards.

It was heartening to witness the Woodlanders coming together in such a warm and affectionate manner to celebrate the essence of motherhood. Such moments of celebration serve as a reminder of the invaluable role that mothers play in our lives and the importance of expressing gratitude and love towards them. Through these thoughtful gestures and activities, the students and teachers showed their deep appreciation for the love and care that their mothers have bestowed upon them.

“Mother will be our door to Paradise so, let’s love, respect and care for our mother everyday”

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