4 Emerging Technology Trends In Education

4 Emerging Technology Trends In Education

The education sector has witnessed a dramatic change in the last few years. From self-learning to the flipped classroom approach, technology has made a considerable impact on learning and teaching methodologies. The way students learn and are being taught today is far different from the teaching methods adopted decades back. The key technologies that underpin the EdTech revolution such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, extended reality. including virtual and augmented reality, are creating different learning opportunities that can engage students even further.


The CBSE school in Hoshiarpur, Woodland Overseas School is emphasizing the emerging technology trends that would disrupt education in 2020.


More Accessible Education


Do you know there are more than 263 million kids globally who are not getting a full-time education? There are many reasons for this statistic, such as issues with proper learning materials, accommodations, and more. Still, online learning makes education available to remote areas and makes it easy to share educational materials across borders.




Valuable data-driven insights inform us how digital textbooks and educational technology are consumed, and help us make informed decisions on tools and individual’s learning needs. Technology such as big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning would help educational institutions and educators be more effective and efficient.


Personalized Education


With the advancement in technology, personalized education experience would emerge that would allow teachers to get access to various learning tools. Also, it would give students differentiated learning experiences outside of the established curriculum.


Immersive Education


Extended reality encompassing virtual and augmented reality would bring the immersive learning experience to students, which would help in increasing their imagination power and a better understanding of concepts. Students can experience hard-to-conceptualize topics through extended reality, which would support learning and improve education in many ways.


Woodland Overseas School is the best school in Hoshiarpur that implements the latest technology in education to improve the teaching and learning processes.


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