Adequate Screentime For Kids

Adequate Screentime For Kids

Parenting is continuously an act of balancing. And it has certainly become pretty challenging for the parents to hold their little ones away from the mobile screen or TV screen. The difficulty particularly surfaces at mealtimes as most children have become accustomed to sticking to screens while eating.

At Woodland Overseas School, one of the best schools in Hoshiarpur, we understand that eating, like any other activity, needs attention and focus. The digestion begins as shortly as we start eating. But if kids remain lost to the screen while having their food, it might end up blocking the physiological process collectively.

On that note, we are submitting a few reasons why we insist on not allowing screen time to kids while eating.

Eating and watching TV together may start obesity

Science infers that eating gives the best results when done within a certain period. When you let your kids watch TV their attention settles on the video and not on their food.

This lessens the nutritional intake impact extensively. Furthermore, the slow digestion process promotes obesity, as the metabolism becomes slower with slow digestion.

Steals the possibility of communication with family

A lot of talks and conversations fall over the diner tables. But if the TV is switched on or the kids get their smartphones, you lose a chance of building a stronger family bond.

Eating while watching a screen is a bad habit

When you permit your kids to watch TV while eating, you unintentionally impart a lesson that eating is an act that needs settlement. If your kid is not responsive to certain food items like vegetables, fruits, etc., try more good-looking, beautiful recipes to excite their interest.

At Woodland Overseas School, a top school in Hoshiarpur, we strongly believe that food is one of the most important elements in staying healthy, and thus needs due care and consideration.

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