Career Counseling Session

Career Counseling Session

Human capacities are infinite and every individual has unique characteristics. Taking informed decisions when numerous career options are available is of paramount importance.

Owing to the number of career options available for our Gen -Z generation, choosing a single career option is inevitably a herculean task. Career planning for oneself requires an understanding of ourselves not just academically but also in terms of our Aptitude, Personality, Interest, Intelligence level and Emerging Opportunities.

To assist Woodlanders and their parents in making informed decisions, Woodland conducted a 02 Day Interactive Workshop on Career Counselling and Handling Effectively Teenage Issues on Friday, 18th November for Woodlanders and on Saturday, 19th November 2022 for their parents. The two-day session comprised a Psychometric Test which was conducted in Online Mode a few days prior to clearly understand the internal profile of the child according to which recommendations for suitable career options could be made.

The result of the Psychometric Test was evaluated and reports were compiled and discussed with the students individually and also with their parents along with sharing tips and techniques to understand their ward’s potential and achieve excellence in academics so as to navigate wisely through teenage issues.

Undoubtedly, the session was stimulating and informative as the Woodlanders and their parents found suitable solutions to not only teenage issues but also educational challenges like lack of management, exam anxiety, subject phobia and retention etc.

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