CBSE Workshop on Digital Safety and Security

CBSE Workshop on Digital Safety and Security

“Cyber Security – A commitment to safeguard trust, privacy and the very essence of our Digital existence.”

In the ever-evolving digital world, fortifying our digital fortress by safeguarding ourselves against cyber threats is paramount. Keeping in the concern to fostering a culture of awareness where resilience becomes our armour and vigilance our greatest ally, an interactive CBSE Workshop on the topic ‘CYBER SECURITY AND SAFETY’ was conducted wherein highly intellectual Resource Personnel from eminent schools of Punjab Mr Amit Kumar and  Dr Navalpreet Singh  presided over the educational voyage for the teachers, providing an enriching platform to help embrace Cyber Safety as a pledge to protect the sanctity of our Online existence.

Enlightening the staff members with proactive measures to protect their digital well-being, many topics such as phishing attempts, malware, social engineering, employing encryption, two-step authentication etc. were elucidated as a part of a comprehensive cyber safety toolkit.

Our conscientious Dean Dr. Simerjeet Kaur articulated in her rhetorical address; “Amid the virtual currents, Cyber threats surge but with awareness as our anchor, we navigate the waves of the digital sea securely.”

Let’s all stay vigilant in the digital realm as indeed, it is the knowledge that weaves the shield to protect us from ever-evolving digital tapestry.